Introducing Floyd Real Estate Group

Introducing Floyd Real Estate Group

  • Floyd Real Estate Group
  • 08/17/20

We are pleased to announce the formation of Floyd Real Estate Group and our affiliation with Compass!  Mary and I have contemplated starting our own business for a while and decided now was the right time.  Mary was already established as a very successful luxury real estate specialist with over 175 closed transactions.  She has a consistent track record of selling homes for the highest values and helping buyers & investors find the right property.  I spent the past 14 years as Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer for a major global real estate brokerage.  Together, we bring a unique level of real estate experience and proven skills to deliver a higher level of value and service for our clients.  Our focus is always on what best benefits our clients - which brings us to our affiliation with Compass.  We had the opportunity to affiliate with any of the major brokerage companies.  We chose Compass because we believe we can provide the best value and service to our clients by leveraging their technology, resources and programs. 

Compass is the fastest growing real estate company and already the #3 largest in the U.S.  Backed by $1.5 billion from Goldman Sachs, SoftBank and Fidelity Investments, the company has the resources to innovate faster and raise the bar in the industry.  Compass now has over 18,000 top agents in major markets around the country.  These are some of the most productive agents in the business versus other companies who may have a high percentage of non-productive agents.  We will share some of the amazing stories of sales around the country in other posts.  

Here are a few examples of innovations we plan to leverage:

  • Compass Concierge.  We all know that homes that are updated, staged and ready to show get the most buyer interest and sell for the highest values.  Our Concierge program allows the seller to make these investments without paying for them upfront.  We simply use our financial resources to fund the enhancements and the seller can pay at close.  How easy is that! Contact us for details. 
  • Compass Bridge Loan Advance.  In a competitive market like today, desirable homes sell fast.  Sellers may miss the right property waiting on their current home to sell.  Our program allows you to get a bridge loan to go ahead and buy your next home.  Then, we will advance you the money to pay for the bridge loan payments.  Again, we are leveraging the capital resources of Compass to benefit our clients.  Contact us for details. 
  • Luxury at Compass.  Compass is already the leading luxury real estate company in most major markets.  We have some of the highest closed sales on record in markets like Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Newport Beach, New York, The Hamptons, Chicago, Dallas, Washington D.C./ northern Virginia, South Florida and yes - Atlanta.  Compass is the fastest growing real estate company in Atlanta and already one of the leaders in luxury sales.  Our luxury programs provide exclusive exposure and marketing programs designed to reach more affluent buyers. 
  • In-House Marketing & Creative Agency.  Compass has over 350 marketing resources to assist us in developing beautiful materials and campaigns for our clients.  These people have exceptional backgrounds from some of the best marketing companies in the world including Tiffany's, Vogue, Loreal, Disney, Architectural Digest, Conde Nast and more.  Mixing world-class ideas with real estate knowledge allows our team to think differently.  This is a huge advantage versus smaller brokerages or even larger brokerages who do not have this caliber of talent.
  • Compass Technology.  Compass is both a real estate comany and a technology company.  We have over 500 engineers build our own platforms to better serve our clients.  Again, the talent here is uncommon.  One of our founders is Ori Allon who developed a key aspect of the Google Search algorithym.  We hired the head of Artificial Intelligence from Microsoft to lead our enginnering team and a key player from Amazon to lead our Product Planning.  Our engineering team comes from companies like Google, Pizar, Facebook, Twitter, IBM and Microsoft.  Compass acquired Contactually which was widely known as the best real estate CRM.  Compass introduced Collections - the industry's first visual workspace.  This Pinterest style layout allows clients to see and compare properties in a beautiful visual format.  Clients can easily collaborate with family, friends and their agent.  The new Compass CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) is powered by artificial intelligence and allows clients to better understand market value.  You can even see side-by-side comparisons of photos such as kitchens and pools.  Better insights lead to better decisions!

Compass has truly taken the real estate industry by storm.  Never before has som much been accomplished in such a short period of time - and there is much more to come!  I think you can now see why we chose to strategically affiliate with Compass. 

Mary and I are excited about the future and our ability to deliver better value and service to our clients. Our clients become part of our family and closest lifelong friends.  We look forward to enjoying many great experiences as we grow together in the future!                                           

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